Monday, May 23, 2011

Sunshine Smile Contest

Seperti yang dijanjikan, SUNSHINE SMILE CONTEST akan bermula HARI INI iaitu pada 22 Mei, 2011. HADIAH UTAMA BERUPA POLAROID INSTAX MINI 7S beserta INSTAX MINI FILM yang bernilai RM600.

Sunshine smile contest ini adalah contest SENYUMAN PALING CERIA. Apa yang anda perlu lakukan untuk join contest ini hanyalah baca dan ikut syarat-syarat yang tertera dibawah. Contest bermula pada 22 Mei 2011 dan tamat pada 1 Julai 2011. Keputusan akan diumumkan pada bulan July 2011
1. Sila follow kedua-dua penaja di link berikut:

2. Copy dan post entry ini di blog anda dan attach gambar (SATU GAMBAR SAHAJA. GAMBAR ANDA YANG SEDANG SENYUM) yang ingin dipertandingkan.
3. Senyuman mesti CERIA!! Ikhlas atau tak ikhlas belakang cerite..
4. Sediakan ENTRY khas contest ni dan link kan kepada saya di comment box entry ni:

5. AJAK minimum 3 orang rakan anda untuk join contest ni dan tag entry khas mereka di bawah gambar anda (kalau rakan follower sikit, boleh dikecualikan)
6. Untuk keselamatan jika buat hal, sila link kan entry khas contest anda di:


Dibawah ini adalah gambar yang dipertaruhkan saya :D

"Senyuman saya paling ceria sebab saya cinta akan Lensa walaupun dibawah panahan Matahari sekalipun saya tetap senyum dengan 'Sunshine Smile'."

Saturday, April 17, 2010

i'm smiling

It’s really the simple things that brings it about, isn’t it? Nothing epic has to happen. Just the simplest memory. The corniest joke. The easiest action. The quickest words. The littlest thing. The smallest gesture.

It’s really not all that hard to make someone’s day. So why don’t we do it more often? Why don’t we just walk around giving people compliments? Why don’t we talk to the girl everyone else seems to ignore? Why don’t we drop a penny from time to time, to maybe make someone happy, even if just for a fraction of a second? Why don’t we tell someone that even if nobody else does, we care for them? Why don’t we wish the shy guy a happy birthday? Why don’t we smile at the science dork that everybody picks on? Why don’t we help up the “loser” that was tripped in the hallway, and has fallen in front of everyone? Why don’t we take the time to listen to the person who claims nobody understands? Why don’t we go play Candy Land with our kid sibling, even if we find them extremely annoying?

It’d be so easy. The whole world could be happy, if people would be willing to make a little sacrifice. But I suppose for the time being, I’m on my own in this, give or take a few others :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

new hair bluekx!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

moga roh mu dcucuri rahmat

cikmena(mak) yg slme ni jge ak ngn abg da kembali ke rahmatullah
sehari b4 mninggal nsb ak ngn family laen smpt jmpe
sebak didada bile jmpe..rupe nye da lain dari waktu sht dulu..mate kuyu..bckp xmampu..sedih..pnyakit kanser nye da mrebak ke seluruh apekn daye..setiap yg hidup pasti akan mati..smoga roh mu dicucuri

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

video ezy

so je having fun ngn memb round2 kl..ahhahhahahaaaa...ak..anna..anis..iezat..ariff..adib..n azam..ktorg g koke..kaw2 nye..smpai xde suare da pkol 1.10 n nga lpk kat alimaju ukay..mkn tosai roti...bsok nk bwt aerobik pas2 g pavi..k la nk mkn lu..hapenink nye + pnt..chiowwww!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

cherating vacation

on8oct09-10oct09..3days 2nights trip at was a wonderful moments..we do not plan 2 go 2 n fara suppose going back 2 hometown..but we change a planned 2 hv a trip 2 cherating..i cant describe how happy am i...only me, known how its feel when having a trip wif my frenx 2 cherating...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the important of the internet

Internet has been perhaps the most outstanding innovation in the field of communication in the history of mankind. As with every single innovation, internet has its own advantages. But usually, greater magnitude of advantages outweighs its disadvantages.
And today internet has become the most ever powerful tool for man throughout the world. The internet is a collection of various services and resources.

Although, many people still think e-mail and World Wide Web (WWW) as the principle constituents of internet, there is lot more in store than e-mail, chat rooms, celebrity web sites and search engines. It also became the best business tool of modern scenario. Today internet has brought a globe in a single room. Right from news across the corner of the world, wealth of knowledge to shopping, purchasing the tickets of your favorite movie-everything is at your finger tips. Internet has great potential and lot to offer… however, like every single innovation in science and technology, internet has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Internet is important because the foremost target of internet has always been the communication. And internet has excelled beyond the expectations .Still innovations are going on to make it faster, more reliable.Now we can communicate in a fraction of second with a person who is sitting in the other part of the world. Today for better communication, we can avail the facilities of e-mail; we can chat for hours with our loved ones. There are plenty messenger services in offering. With help of such services, it has become very easy to establish a kind of global friendship where you can share your thoughts, can explore other cultures of different ethnicity.

Other than that information is probably the biggest advantage internet is offering. The Internet is a virtual treasure of information. Any kind of information on any topic under the sun is available on the Internet. The search engines like Google, yahoo is at your service on the Internet. You can almost find any type of data on almost any kind of subject that you are looking for. There is a huge amount of information available on the internet for just about every subject known to man, ranging from government law and services, trade fairs and conferences, market information, new ideas and technical support, the list is end less.Students and children are among the top users who surf the Internet for research. Today, it is almost required that students should use the Internet for research for the purpose of gathering resources.

However entertainment is another popular reason why many people prefer to surf the Internet. In fact, media of internet has become quite successful in trapping multifaceted entertainment factor. Downloading games, visiting chat rooms or just surfing the Web are some of the uses people have discovered. There are numerous games that may be downloaded from the Internet for free. The industry of online gaming has tasted dramatic and phenomenal attention by game lovers. Chat rooms are popular because users can meet new and interesting people. In fact, the Internet has been successfully used by people to find life long partners. When people surf the Web, there are numerous things that can be found. Music, hobbies, news and more can be found and shared on the Internet.

Lastly, ecommerce is the concept used for any type of commercial maneuvering, or business deals that involves the transfer of information across the globe via Internet. It has become a phenomenon associated with any kind of shopping, almost anything. You name it and Ecommerce with its giant tentacles engulfing every single product and service will make you available at your door steps. It has got a real amazing and wide range of products from household needs, technology to entertainment.




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